This blog is dedicated to the QVS Data program and to information about Quakes, Volcanoes and Solar matters (QVS). Here you will find news on forthcoming updates to the program and this can als0 be found at the DA Software web site.

The QVS Data Program is intended for the collection of earthquake data from around the world and as a centre for links to sites about earthquakes, volcanoes and solar stuff.

Not just a program for downloading but part of a huge information system that extends across 5 websites and whilst it majors on earthquakes incorporates the other Volcano and Solar information as well.

The current release just out in April 2012 after a long wait (well it is software!) introduces a data service for the automated collection of data, and image service for the automated collection of tremor plots, helicorder plots etc, and an alerts tool which in conjunction with the data service pops up a screen when new earthquake data is received. (You do not have to be in a browser window.)

You can create sounds from earthquake data and there are graphing facilities as well. This latest release is loaded with the links for around 40 volcano webcams, and introduces the concept of a Special Interest area in which you can build a complete menu system for links about a particular topic, and the links can also launch programs on your PC as well.

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The reason I am involved in this, and indeed a good part of the reason I started blogging in the first place, is because it is my mission to to impart such little understanding as I have to others in order to equip people with sufficient knowledge to rebuff scaremongers.

Yes earthquakes are/can be dangerous, but it appals me that certain unscrupulous people play on the fears of others for profit or some twisted pleasure.