Upgrading from QVSData Standard to QVSData Pro

When you upgrade from Standard to Pro none of the old Standard data is destroyed until you have run the upgrade from the Data Centre.

Step 1

If you are running either of the QVS services you must stop and uninstall them using the Services Installer. It is vitally important that the services are UNINSTALLED and not just stopped.

Step 2

First thing you must do is to uninstall the Standard version of QVSData. Do NOT use an uninstaller such as Revo or ZSoft uninstaller. The reason for this is that you needs to retain the old databases, at least until the upgrade has been done. The built in uninstaller will simply remove the programs and leave the databases.

You can also use the Windows add/remove programs but the uninstaller provided is the best way.

Step 3

Now you can install the new Pro version of the software.

Step 4

Go straight to the Data Centre, or launch the QVSData program from the installer. Follow all the prompts as if this is a brand new first time installation.

When it says the database could not be found ignore it and answer Yes. It is not found as this is a new installation.

When the new configuration database and data database have been created, exit the program and then start up the data centre again.

Step 5

Go back into the Data Centre again using the program menu item (see above for XP). You can also launch the Data Centre from the Tools menu in the main program but you must then close the main program.

Go to the Tools menu in the Data Centre and click on ‘Run Upgrade from Standard’


If the services are running because you set them going immediately after installing, or because you forgot to stop the Standard services you will see:


Similar messages exist for the data service, or if both are on. Note: If these are displaying because you forgot to stop/uninstall the Standard services before upgrading then you have a problem. There is little else you can do other than uninstall Pro, re-install the standard version and then stop and uninstall the services, then uninstall Standard again and re-install Pro again. It cannot be guaranteed to work even then.

If QVSData is open you will also be warned. Once everything is ready you will see the message below when you click on that menu item.

(Click the Image for a slightly larger/clearer version)

Provided nothing goes wrong you should see the message below when everything has been done. On a very slow machine 13000 records took just a few seconds to update but a much larger database could take some time so just wait until it has done its thing.


Click Yes to see the list of the progress as the conversion took place.

(Click the Image for a slightly larger/clearer version)

Once the system returns a completed flag your old Standard data, including the program data folder, will be removed and the upgrade menu item will be removed.

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