The Magnitudes Report Form

This form provides, in chart form at present, the equivalent of the magnitude charts from the obsolete Weekly Reort that I used to create. (Too little time to do everything)

The standard report is the old Weekly report for each magnitude in the ranges M5, M6, M7, M8 or greater. Each chart has the rolling 52 week count of quakes and the magnitude equivalent of the energy of all quakes in the band for the week. Please be aware that this is not an exact science since all i am doing is converting the given Mw magnitudes to approximate energy, adding this together, then converting the energy back to a single equivalent magnitude. It is a useful indicator however.

Similarly for the daily version any quakes in a day have the Mw magnitudes converted to energy, added together and then converted back. Optionally earthquake values in mb and ML scales can be converted to an approximate Mw value. Be aware that using this option considerably increases the processing time.

Normally Mag 5, 6, 7 and 8+ are calculated in those bands but it is possible in the customised version to offset the start to create say Mag 5.5 to 6.499, 6.5 to 7.499 etc. It is also possible under all options to omit a band so that, as an example, only Mag 6 and 7 are calculated.


Open image in a new window or click above to open in this window.

With the exception of the custom settings and dates all selections can be saved and will then be loaded again when the report is run again. The settings are saved as named settings in the configuration file. The names are as follows:

Report Settings
Setting Name Details
M5ReportChartTitle The default title for the Magnitude 5 chart
M6ReportChartTitle The default title for the Magnitude 6 chart
M7ReportChartTitle The default title for the Magnitude 7 chart
M8ReportChartTitle The default title for the Magnitude 8+ chart
MagReportChartOption The type of default chart
MagReportChartWeekEnds The default ending day in the week
MagReportChartSelections The default charts that will be calculated
MagReportConvertMB The default for converting mb and ML to Mw
MagReportChartProvider The default data provider for the charts

You do NOT need to save changes to the settings in order to use them for a report. The purpose of the save of the settings is to give you the default values that you normally use when the form is loaded.


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