The Export Menu

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The export menu is slightly different for each version of the program. This is the standard menu.

The Pro menu

The ProPlus menu

Most of the items on this menu depend on there being a data view open. They just do nothing if there is no data view. From KML files onwards only apply to the Pro versions. The last two items only apply to the ProPlus version of the program. XML output is not available yet.

Print menu

Prints a full detail listing in landscape view, or s shortened listing in portrait view. These are the equivalent of exporting a full or a short listing (see below)

Output CSV File

This creates a full CSV listing of the contents of the screen. Further details of the various CSV formats here.

Output 'Short' CSV

Creates a restricted fields version of the data. Further details of the various CSV formats here.

'Short' CSV to clipboard

Exactly the same as above but the output is placed in the clipboard for pasting instead of in a file.

Forum coded list to clipboard

See details of this BB coded output here.

HTML lists

These are very basic table style or unordered list style outputs. No fancy HTML code – you would have to add any formatting yourself. These are placed in the clipboard so consider volume if you are creating a long list. Click the menu image opposite for further details.

Pro and ProPlus versions only

ProPlus versions only

If you have a ProPlus (not the caffeine tablet) version of the program there will be an additional two menu items.

'Earthquake Data Analysis'. Please read here for further details or ignore if this is not your version.

Output short CSV list with Map coding. This creates the identical type of listing to the short CSV list but has a Google Maps link to the location included at the end.

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