Software Corner

In addition to developing software myself I also use software made by others of course. This page is where I can recommend a piece of software I have found. I have no financial motive for making these recommendations.

All links to 3rd party sites open in a new page/tab.

You have my assurance that at the time of my downloading and installing any software mentioned on this page it was free of any malware or viruses.

AllMyNotes Organiser DeLuxe

Vladonai LogoA really excellent organiser with a host of uses. I love the copy / paste of pictures into the notes (De Luxe version only) which makes keeping notes on a current topic so easy, and that the software automatically backs up your file(s) when and where you want it to.

This is a viable contender in many respects for MS One Note (which I also have/use extensively) but has the distinct advantage of speed on opening and that it is in the system tray ready at any time. I also appreciate the ‘close to tray’ feature which saves clutter on the bottom bar.

Another useful feature of this great little program is that you can attach files to your notes. This is done either be embedding the file in the note, making the database truly portable, or by adding a hyper-link to the file. Obviously if you choose that option then the files will not be portable unless they are in the same folder or you copy them as well.

I understand that there will be a release very shortly that incorporates tables into your notes. Getting more and more like One Note with each release and at a fraction of the cost!

I would thoroughly recommend this very useful tool and it is well worth the relatively small purchase cost. Click the logo to go to the site.

Whilst this free Text Editor is aimed at the programmer it is an excellent tool for creating simple text pages. SciTE is a SCIntilla based Text Editor. Originally built to demonstrate Scintilla, it has grown to be a generally useful editor with facilities for building and running programs. I use it mainly to write HTML code and find the syntax highlighting very useful. Click the SciTE word to go to the web site.

7-ZipThis is an excellent free compression tool. I have used WinZip and WinRar for many years but I am changing over to this as it is faster and creates more compact files – especially in it’s own 7z format. The file it creates can be read by WinRar, but I don’t know about WinZip as I no longer have that. There is a portable version of this program as well so you can carry it around on a USB stick if you need. Click the image to go to their home page.

WATCH EARTHQUAKES IN 3D… Zoom and spin your way around the globe while viewing earthquakes in three dimensions! Control how the Earthquakes and Earth are shown. See at a glance up to seven days of global earthquake activity with this desktop Earthquake monitor.

Earthquake 3D is FREE! (In the basic edition) Download it and use it NOW! No complicated setup or installation. Just unzip it and it’s ready to go.

Other Software (Untried and not tested)

No guarantees with anything in this section. This is just making you aware. I take no responsibility for anything that may go wrong through use of any software here or from visiting these sites. Having said that I have visited the sites so there should be no problem going that far.

1 Response to Software Corner

  1. Tim Ritchie says:

    Just a quick note.
    Like your site and have bookmarked it.
    Will be back frequently.
    One piece of FREE software you should link to is this one I found through a link on the site.
    It was written by Dr. Allan Jones.
    It is called Seismic/Eruptions.
    A Youtube video of a screen shot I took of the program playing.
    ALL the worlds earthquakes for 50 years in less than a minute.

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