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When the Service Installer opens the data jobs are displayed first. Since the data jobs are loaded when you install the program you will always see seven jobs there which are USGS (US07M1) and it’s companions US07M2, US07M4, US30M2 and US30M4, EMSC (EMSC), GeoScience (AUST) and GeoNet (NEWZ) and it’d companions NEWZX and NEWZXM. More of those later. Other jobs will only be visible if you have the Pro version of the program.


The third column shows whether the job is suspended or not. When the system is first loaded all jobs are suspended.

This screen is from the Pro version, but other than the number of jobs available they are identical.


If you are running Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 then you need to be logged in as an Administrator or run the program as an Administrator.

All you need do to get going is to start the data service so click on the button at the bottom which says ‘Install The QVS Data Service’. If all the jobs are suspended you will be asked if you wish to turn on the basic jobs, which for the standard version is all of them.

Within a couple of seconds the status box which says ‘Not installed’ should change to Running.

Simple as that!

A refresh within this screen has been included in the next version. (v2.1.61.3) This will ONLY be in the stand alone version of the Service installer. The service installer in the Data Centre is discontinued for all platforms as from the release above.

To temporarily stop the service click on Stop Service. If you don’t restart it it will start again when you reboot the computer or shutdown and startup up the next day.

Note you do not need to suspend any jobs when stopping the service.

The only other thing you can do in this screen is to suspend or unsuspend one or more jobs. Click on a line and then click on Suspend/Unsuspend Job on the top bar.

Note the this will NOT take effect until the service has been stopped and restarted either in the Service Controller or as a normal part of closing the computer.

The image service is handled in exactly the same way as the data service so I won’t repeat everything.

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