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The seismograms are not all that easy to acquire. You hover over a station and then have to try and catch the table at the bottom of the page before it vanishes! I found putting Firefox in F11 mode helped. At least with a larger page it was easier to catch the box.

Each seismo offers a current view and 9 days back from today. I have created a link or two for each one below.

Number Code Name Number of
days back
01 BEO Beograd
02 BARS Barje-Leskovac
03 DJES Ðerdap-Kladovo
04 SELS Selova-Kursumlija
05 BBLS Bajina Basta-Lazici
06 FRGS Fruska Gora Today
07 SVIS Svilajnac
08 DIVS Divcibare
09 GRUS Grusa Today
10 SJES Sjenica Today
11 KUBS Kucevo-Bukovska
12 ZAPS Zavoj-Pirot
13 KMIS Kosovska Mitrovica
14 TRUS Trudelj
15 IVAS Ivanjica
16 TEKS Tekeris-sabac
17 BOSS Bosilegrad
18 BOVS Bovan-Soko Banja
19 BOLS Boljevac
20 DRAS Dragosevac-Jagodina
21 VJAS Velika Jasikova-Zajecar