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Although the link for RED is on the events lists (as that is what it is) the list is displayed at the bottom of the QVSData form and the rest of the area changes to accommodate it. You can continue using other parts of the program while RED is running.


The list is updated every minute and the events are listed starting with the latest as in the main form. You can have the main events display and RED open at the same time.

There is an alert sound that will make an earthquake sound when a Mag 6 is encountered. Bearing in mind that the lists are current for an hour and are loaded every minute, obviously you could get an alert every minute for an hour. In order to prevent this happening the last Mag 6+ is stored and as long as RED is running this will be referenced. If the quake is the same the alert will not sound. Multiple mag 6 quakes will only reference the last quake so in the rare event of a double mag 6+ then once you hear the sound you might want to turn the sound off for a while.

If you close RED before a mag 6+ is time expired in the lists then you will get another alert if you turn RED back on.

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