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I am working on it. Be patient!

There are three Web menus called:

The web menus

And as you will have noticed a fourth one called My… (I will get to that one shortly)

It took great thought to come up with these names 🙂 and of course they reflect the area of interest that they serve. When the program is first installed they should look like the following examples below. This applies to the standard and Pro versions equally:

The Quake Web Menu

There is a further menu Other Reporting Webs, which looks like this.

The Other Reporting Webs Menu

You see this whole blog came about because of these menus. In the protype program these were fixed items and that became restricting. So I started this blog to act as the help centre for the program and added a few links. And a few more links. And then some more links, and before long that side of it had taken over.

In this version these are not fixed. In fact you do not have to have any of the menus you see above. You can throw them all out and add your own. The same goes for the slightly thinner Volcano webs:

The Volcano Web Menu

And for the even thinner Sun Webs menu:

The Sun Webs Menu

The tools for doing this can be found in the Data Centre under …….. You can add menus, remove menus, create new sub menus, separators and choose your own icons for all of them. There really are pretty much no restrictions. Two other menus in the program work in exactly the same way – the Web Cams menu, which is found under the view menu and My…

My what? My anything you like. It comes with some headings My Cams for a handy place to add one which might not be permanent, My webs basically for things that are not related to QVS, My Helicorder List the details of which are covered in the tools menu but in short you can create your own selection of LISS and other helicorders and that selection will be automatically added at the bottom of the View Menu. You can also use that page as your home page – which is what I do.

Finally you can launch any web site by pasting the address in here and clicking OK.

Go To A Web

Except it is not quite finally as there is another menu underneath that last one called Special Projects. You don’t have to use it but you can keep all web links about a particular subject/area under the one heading menu. Special Projects can have as many subject menu under it as you can fit in, and each subject menu can have up to 5 levels of sub menus, each with their own items – actually that is a restriction on all these menus.

I will add some more detail on this soon.

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