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A earthquake can be edited to change the latitude, longitude, magnitude, type of magnitude or the depth. From time to time earthquake parameters change and after 7 days these will not be reflected in the lists. (This is because the program works on 7 day data files – anything longer would be too long to process.)

Once you select the edit function you will be asked to confirm that you wish to edit the earthquake.

Check that you have the right line highlighted and then click on Yes. The editing form will now appear.

The data from the line has been transferred and the the boxes with the white backgrounds are the ones you can edit. If you make a mistake and enter something outside the parameters the screen will show an error flag.

Now obviously the program cannot determine where the earthquake should have been so if you change the location from say -1.365 to 75.482 this is within the parameter bounds and will not be flagged as an error.

Latitude must >= -90 and <= 90, longitude must be >= -180 and <= 180, magnitude must be >= -3 and < 10, and depth must be >= 0 and <= 800. Mag type is not restricted.

No, magnitude of -3.0 is NOT an error. It is very rare but is possible so it has to be included as a possible value.

You cannot blank an entry either. If you do that then as soon as you move to another box the original value will be restored.

If you try and save the data whilst an error flag is showing you will see the message below:

If all is well the form will close and you will see the final confirmation dialogue asking if you really do wish to save the changes. If you select yes the screen will refresh and your changes will be visible.

If something goes wrong you will see this message:

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