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From time to time it may become necessary to delete a line. This may be because of a provider duplication, because and event was deleted after the seven days (happens), or because the program messed up. (I like to think that never happens but I am a realist.)

[Note: this a any following images show the menu without the Edit function that has been added.]

You will be asked to confirm that you wish to delete the line.

Please ensure that you have clicked on the line you wish to delete once BEFORE right clicking. Since the right click menu works anywhere in the area of the lines of data this is absolutely essential as the CURRENT line (the one highlighted in blue) is the one that will be used.

For example in this screen shot you may have clicked on the line for Romania (the line the top of the box is on) but the highlighted line is for Carlsberg Ridge.

Now the details of the event will be displayed and you must click yes to continue.

If you click on ‘Yes’, you will be asked to confirm, just to make absolutely sure!! This may sould belt and braces but you don't want to delete a line accidentally.

If you click on ‘Yes’ to this one the line will be removed to the deleted item table – nothing actually ever gets deleted. It is possible with a little assistance from me to get the line back into the normal data.

With any other program this information would probably be lost, but I don’t like to discard data so the revisions are all stored, and so re all deletions as well. Even if you delete a duplicate line yourself that line is preserved.

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