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One of the smaller menus, but probably the one with the most behind it. You can consider this menu the hub of the QVS Data system since all earthquake lists views and seismogram view come under this menu.

  1. Quake Event Lists
    • The View Menu
      Click on the menu graphic to go to the topic (Standard version with links to Pro).
    • All of the items listed on the Quake Events Lists menu use the same screen so everything in the topic applies equally to all of them. Only very minor differences are apparent, for example you cannot delete a row in the deleted items listing.
  2. Chart Data
    • Graphs
    • Currently there are two type of graph that the system can produce. A cumulative magnitudes and a plain linear magnitude
  3. Webicorder Files
    • Access to the IRIS quack query webicorder files and the New Zealand drums.

      From here you also get to the maintenance form for the local DMC database of seismic stations with real-time data, and to the IRIS DMC web page.

  4. IRIS Time Series Plot
    • Creates PNG plot files vis the IRIS time series web service
  5. Webcam Snagger
    • More than just webcams of course. Any image cab be set up so this can be used for seismo plts, Icelandic earthquake maps etc. If you want regular updates they can be made using the Image service. This is for short periods of time rather than continuous.
    • Web Cam Menu
      Click on the menu graphic to go to the topic on menu maintenance.
    • Webcams…
      This is a menu that you can control yourself and add or remove what you wish. The menu items lead to web sites with webcams – either streaming or static. You do not need to use them for this purpose, but the menu item Webcams… is fixed in the program so…The menu opposite is the first level menu as it comes with a new program. If you change the details of the menus it may not look like this.

  6. Log files

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