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The Audio Menu

The link to the Audio Menu items is next where you can create sound from earthquake waveform files. See the Audio help for more details.

IRIS Earthquake Browser URL Builder

Creates URLs to send to the IRIS Earthquake Browser service. For details see here: IRIS Earthquake Browser URL Builder.

Map Maker – Pro only

Allows you to create Google Maps and/or Google Earth files, including blog codes, for earthquake listings both internal to QVS and from outside sources.

Image Viewer

This may seem a rather strange inclusion in an earthquake program but since it forms a part of the seismogram slideshow facility I thought I would put it on it’s own menu. It is actually quite useful since you can create an ad hoc slideshow and you don’t have to load all the images into an exe or fiddle about with dropping them into a slideshow program. Further details on the Image Viewer Help page (soon I promise!)

Magnitude Difference Calculator

The magnitude difference calculator gives you how much bigger and stronger one earthquake is than another, and is the same as the USGS web page version.

Here is their example worked out in my program:

Magnitude Difference Calculator

The Place Name Finder

Finds Place Names. Odd that! No seriously you can enter a latitude and longitude for anywhere on the planet, however you will normally only get a result from a land location.

The Place Name Finder

You can get it to add the Country and Nr. and when done click the litle clipboard icon to save the result to you clipboard. You can also get the Antipodal version of what the location is, or transpose the Latitude and Longitude values if you entered them the wrong way round. On the next image there is an earthquake in WESTERN TURKEY – the blue line. Enter those co-ordinates and click on Get Name and this is the result.

Finding A Name In Turkey

Note in small type underneath it shows the latitude, longitude and distance of the nearest place that it has named. Cool. But even cooler….

See the two Google Earth icons? Yup click on them and go to the location in Google Earth. The first goes to the original location and the second goes to the nearby location.

FE Region Name Finder


Enter a latitude in the first box and a longitude in the second box, or enter/paste a latitude and longitude separated by a comma in the first box only.

The drop down box holds the style of output if the ‘Prefix the names with the number’ check box is ticked. (This will be changing to ‘Select the numbered output style’ soon with other format available)

If the GL Names checkbox is ticked the sub area names will be Gabbitas-Loring nomenclature in place Flinn-Engdahl Geographic. At present this naming only applies to New Zealand.

Three names or name and numbers are returned when you click Get Info. If this is FE then the Geo(graphical) are and the Geo Sub Area are the same. The first is always the FE seisnic region. Here is a sample of the GL names


The FE Region Name Finder works for all areas of the world whether on land or at sea.


Those names and numbers are the GL system. The FE names and numbers look like this


Launch Data Centre

Opens up the Data Centre which is a separate program.

Create/Maintain Special interest Areas

Special interest areas – say for example Iceland – can have their own menu on the My… menu to which you can add any items to which you wish to maintain links. All of these menu items and layouts are of you own choosing.

The Additional Tools menu


The additional tools menu is actually a user menu. The two with the toothed wheel icon are system items, but the other ones shown are those I consider useful and come with the installed setup, but you don’t have to keep them, or you can add more items to the menu.

TauP arrival times interface
QVS NZ Felt Reports Tool [Pro version only]

Set up helicorder page

This item is currently obsolete until the LISS helicorder pages are restored.

ATS Linked Image tool

(This menu item has to be switched on in the settings and is only of interest to users who post on Above Top Secret or other boards that use the same BB codes.)




atslict04(Click the Image for a slightly larger/clearer version)

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