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On the Data menu the first item is Import Data. It is not intended that this should be the normal method of getting data into the system, however for dial up users or systems that are infrequently on it would be the preferred method.

For broadband always on connections it is recommended that the QVS Data Service, a Windows Service, be installed so that data collection can happen in the background. It is important to note that you cannot use the alerts if the service is not installed.

Which ever of the two data collection modes you use the program that does the work is the same and thus if you have the service installed you cannot run the ‘Import Earthquake Data’ routine. If the service is installed you will get the message:

The QVS Data Service is running and collecting data automatically. Please stop the service before using this import facility.

You are prevented from continuing.

Import Earthquake Data not only uses the same code as the service but also uses the same settings. If the service has never been installed all the settings will be set to ‘suspended’.

You will get the message

No data jobs were found that are able to run. Do you want to switch the basic jobs on?

Answer yes otherwise nothing will happen!

You will see very little happening as the process runs. There will be a few messages on the bottom status bar and that is all. Then the status bar says 'Ready' again the process has finished.

The Pro version is the same with the exception that if you are asked if you wish to turn the jobs on only the three standard jobs will be activated. Any other jobs need to be activated in the Data Centre. The service does not have to be started to do this. It is a part of Data Job Maintenance.

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