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There are two styles of CSV file that the system will output. One is a ‘short’ CSV file that displays only the Date & Time, Latitude, Longitude, Magnitude, Depth and Location (Region), the other is the full set of fields in the database.

Short CSV

These are accessed from the Data > Export memu.

Whether you select the first menu option which goes to file, or the second which places the list in the clipboard the output is the same.

Date/Time UTC,Latitude,Longitude,Magnitude,Depth(Km),Location
2012-04-24T05:12:42.000Z,19.30010,-67.06230,3.2000,58.9000,Puerto Rico region
2012-04-24T03:57:26.000Z,18.53890,-66.96390,2.8000,76.2000,Puerto Rico region
2012-04-23T06:57:17.000Z,18.16900,-66.85800,2.0000,15.0000,Puerto Rico
2012-04-22T17:30:21.000Z,18.04700,-65.60900,2.1000,19.5000,Puerto Rico region
2012-04-22T08:00:31.000Z,19.02050,-66.01240,3.0000,40.5000,Puerto Rico region
2012-04-22T07:54:57.000Z,19.01090,-66.03100,3.1000,6.5000,Puerto Rico region
2012-04-21T12:25:42.000Z,18.12800,-66.74700,2.4000,19.0000,Puerto Rico
2012-04-20T21:03:08.000Z,18.18090,-67.39490,2.9000,15.1000,Mona Passage. Puerto Rico
2012-04-20T14:34:06.000Z,18.31600,-65.94970,2.9000,125.0000,Puerto Rico
2012-04-20T09:55:11.000Z,18.88500,-67.48800,2.7000,9.0000,Puerto Rico region
2012-04-19T07:52:13.000Z,19.19940,-66.01560,3.3000,159.0000,Puerto Rico region
2012-04-19T02:14:04.000Z,19.29100,-66.09790,3.4000,144.1000,Puerto Rico region
2012-04-19T00:13:56.000Z,18.21400,-66.83790,2.6000,8.6000,Puerto Rico
2012-04-17T08:24:53.000Z,18.06690,-65.33300,2.6000,6.6000,Puerto Rico region

As with any of the listings the precise content is governed by the state of the Multi-select flag. If multi-select is OFF the entire contents of the list will be included. If multi-select is ON then only the items that are selected will be included.

For the file based lists you will be asked to select where you wish to place the file.

Full CSV

This is also accessed from the Data > Export menu

All of the above applies to the full CSV file as well except that the full files does not have a clipboard equivalent.

The output of a full CVS file includes the following fields: Earthquake ID, Network, Data(File) source, Version, Date & Time, Latitude, Longitude, Magnitude, Magnitude Type, Number of reporting stations, Depth, Location (Region) and Revision status flag.

EQ ID,Net Src,File Src,Ver,Date/Time UTC,Latitude,Longitude,Magnitude,M-Type,No Of Rept Stns,Depth(Km),Location,Revised
12115001,pr,usgs,0 ,2012-04-24T05:12:42.000Z,19.30010,-67.06230,3.2000,Mcd,10,58.9000,Puerto Rico region,False
12115002,pr,usgs,0 ,2012-04-24T03:57:26.000Z,18.53890,-66.96390,2.8000,Mcd,10,76.2000,Puerto Rico region,False
12114001,pr,usgs,0 ,2012-04-23T06:57:17.000Z,18.16900,-66.85800,2.0000,Mcd,7,15.0000,Puerto Rico,False
12113005,pr,usgs,0 ,2012-04-22T17:30:21.000Z,18.04700,-65.60900,2.1000,Mcd,4,19.5000,Puerto Rico region,False
12113001,pr,usgs,0 ,2012-04-22T08:00:31.000Z,19.02050,-66.01240,3.0000,Mcd,8,40.5000,Puerto Rico region,False
12113000,pr,usgs,0 ,2012-04-22T07:54:57.000Z,19.01090,-66.03100,3.1000,Mcd,19,6.5000,Puerto Rico region,False
12112000,pr,usgs,0 ,2012-04-21T12:25:42.000Z,18.12800,-66.74700,2.4000,Mcd,4,19.0000,Puerto Rico,False
12111010,pr,usgs,0 ,2012-04-20T21:03:08.000Z,18.18090,-67.39490,2.9000,Mcd,16,15.1000,Mona Passage. Puerto Rico,False
12111009,pr,usgs,0 ,2012-04-20T14:34:06.000Z,18.31600,-65.94970,2.9000,Mcd,12,125.0000,Puerto Rico,False
12111006,pr,usgs,0 ,2012-04-20T09:55:11.000Z,18.88500,-67.48800,2.7000,Mcd,7,9.0000,Puerto Rico region,False
12110005,pr,usgs,0 ,2012-04-19T07:52:13.000Z,19.19940,-66.01560,3.3000,Mcd,9,159.0000,Puerto Rico region,False
12110002,pr,usgs,0 ,2012-04-19T02:14:04.000Z,19.29100,-66.09790,3.4000,Mcd,10,144.1000,Puerto Rico region,False
12110000,pr,usgs,0 ,2012-04-19T00:13:56.000Z,18.21400,-66.83790,2.6000,Mcd,16,8.6000,Puerto Rico,False
12108001,pr,usgs,0 ,2012-04-17T08:24:53.000Z,18.06690,-65.33300,2.6000,Mcd,4,6.6000,Puerto Rico region,False

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