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See also Getting started with the QVS Data program

The QVS Data program is split into six main functional areas. Three of these are mainly, but not completely, concerned with links to web sites. The other three areas deal with various elements of program functionality.

The View Menu

This is the hub of the Earthquakes side of the program and definitely the place where you will probably end up most often.

The Web menus

This is three different menus for Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Solar / Space items. In addition there is a fourth menu, the “My…” menu where you can find the Special Projects sub menu. More details in the topic pages.

The Data Menus

Whilst this may sound like a menu you will visit often it may not be if you make use of the Automated data downloads!

The Tools Menu

This menu give access to the Data Centre (see below for the direct link) and the Audio Centre where you can create wave file sounds of earthquakes from downloaded data.

The programs below are additional programs which deal with most, but not all, settings and data management jobs including the services.

The Data Centre

This is where you look after your database performing backups and defrags; where you can look at the raw data in the tables; where certain configurations such as the web menus are maintained. It is also the control centre for the data and image services.

The QVS Alerts Tool

Whilst the installation, starting and stopping of services is controlled from the Data Centre, the QVS Alerts Tool monitors the output of the data service and provides desktop alerts of new earthquakes at 5 minutes intervals, or uch interval as you have set for the service as it is a filewatcher and reports when the file changes.

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