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Revisions implemented are listed in reverse date order so the latest is at the top. Unless otherwise stated all revisions apply to both versions. If you need something sorting please use the Support page to advise me.

A note about the numbering system: The version number, for example gives the following information:-

1st No The Major version number. Changes infrequently. Minor reverts to 0 on a Major upgrade.
2nd No. The Minor version number. Changes when a significant enhancement is made but not a major re-vamp.
3rd No. The build number. Only changes when the Minor version number changes.
4th No. The current revision of the current minor version. Reverts to 0 on Major or Minor upgrades. Some revisions may be internal or testing revisions and may not be issued.

The version can be found in the About box

You can download the program on this page: Getting started with the QVS Data program

Revision No Details
Issuing soon
(All versions)
  • Deals with the changes that are needed when Dropbox ceases to have Public folders. This affect automated downloads and map icons for Google Earth and a few other mapping area items.
14 Feb 2017
(All versions)
  • Changed the entry point for the update checker as some systems were not recognising it.
  • [Fixed] The IRIS link on the Webicorder page was set to expect ‘www’ which is defunct. ‘http’ is substituted so that ‘Go to the IRIS Station Monitor web page’ now works again.
  • [Fixed] A number of seismos in the Webicorder viewer have had their location changed from — to 00 or 01 and a few are no longer available. The configuration patch when run will fix these.
05 Feb 2017
Affects Pro only
  • [Fixed] (All Pro versions) Various fixes made to the custom dates routine which was not displaying the criteria correctly. Now operates on Min >= mag min value and Max < mag max value
  • [Fixed] (Pro SQL only) Some HTML code was turning up in BB code in event blocks.
  • [Enhancement] Added a ‘Check for updates’ item to the Tools > Configuration & Settings menu. This will check and if necessary download if the automated update has not done so.
01 Jan 2017
Affects Pro only
  • The Chilean data download as been enhanced to include seismic region data and sorting by region name.
  • (Version was a minor internal update for Pro SQL)
23 Oct 2016
Affects Pro only
  • Corrected an error that was preventing data reviews of potentially duplicated JMA quakes.
30 Sep 2016
Affects Pro only
  • Internal update not affecting the interface.
04 Sep 2016
Affects Pro only
  • Changed the icon of the one click buttons as they were too big and detracting from the checkbox.
  • Selection by seismic region is completed.
  • Work is proceeding on the localised help system.
04 Sep 2016
Affects Pro only
  • Some minor tweaks to the timezone facility.
  • A one click button to set the listings page to a single provider has been added. This means you do not have three actions to perform to achieve the change. The original method is not removed.
  • The provision of selection by a seismic region has been started. All of the 50 seismic regions and 757 seismic areas of the Flinn-Engdahls variety are included. Selection of the latter is not easy at present as the numbering does not show but with 2000+ lines to manually amend this may take a day or two. A knowledge of the seismic regions of the world would be useful to make this tool effective for you.
  • The automated upgrading system has been fixed and should work from this release onwards.
04 Sep 2016
Affects Pro only
  • Some minor tweaks to the timezone facility.
  • A one click button to set the listings page to a single provider has been added. This means you do not have three actions to perform to achieve the change. The original method is not removed.
  • The provision of selection by a seismic region has been started. All of the 50 seismic regions and 757 seismic areas of the Flinn-Engdahls variety are included. Selection of the latter is not easy at present as the numbering does not show but with 1500 lines to manually amend this may take a day or two. A knowledge of the seismic regions of the world would be useful to make this tool effective for you.
  • Work is proceeding on the localised help system.
03 Sep 2016
Affects Pro only
  • A timezone function has been facilitated on CSV listings outputs – currently for New Zealand only – allowing the CSV file to have times in the local time zone.
02 Sep 2016
Affects Pro only
  • Minor version 4 is skipped – internal
  • The program has been install tested and passes several installs and uninstalls. All data downloads are functioning.
  • The code that allows felt reports to set the felt flag in NZ downloads is re-instated after it was removed in the changeover to version 4.
30 Aug 2016
Affects all versions
  • Minor fix for a section is the last release that was not functioning – too many senior moments I think.
29 Aug 2016
Affects all versions
  • Minor fix for a section is the last release that was not functioning. QVSData Standard is withdrawn. Only 2 versions now remain – Lite and Pro
29 Aug 2016
Affects all versions
  • A somewhat premature release of the new version 4 caused by changes made by GeoNet and EMSC to their data provision and .4
Affects both versions
  • Maintenance versions to resolve a specific problem on a single computer
03 Nov 2014
Affects all versions
  • [Fixed] (All versions) The introduction of the SQL Server Compact 4.0 modules caused an error on code that had successfully run with the two previous versions. Indeed the change in version 4.0 seems to be a backward step as it disables a feature that is present in the full SQL Server.
02 Nov 2014
Affects both versions
  • DATA LOADING FAULT – Version recalled
  • [Fixed] (All versions) GeoNet changed their web address for the NZ Drums which caused the webicorder viewer dealing with them to fail. Now fixed and the additional drums have all been added.
  • [Enhancement] (All versions) The Earthquake Data Assembler is now working again and I have decided to make most parts of it available to all versions. See the help page for more details.
  • [Enhancement] (All versions) You won’t see this ‘enhancement’ but the configuration files and data files have been upgraded to SQL Compact Version 4.0
  • [Enhancement] (All versions) The image downloader for the image service has been upgraded to try and create requested download folders where they do not exist.
  • was immediately superseded by this version
29 Jun 2014
Affects both versions
  • [Fix] (All versions) This is an interim version to fix a problem with a format change in the GeoScience data
  • [Enhancement] (All versions) Additional fields have been added to all the data tables to allow the Seismic Region, Seismic area and in some cases Seismic sub-area to be recorded.
    Whilst these fields are not visible in the standard display screen they are nevertheless filled with data, from the point of installation onwards, and can be used in the Earthquake Data Assembler.
  • [Enhancement] (Pro versions) Currently only available for the Pro version a tool has been included that allows you to refill the Seismic Region, Area and Sub-Area data.
27 May 2014
Affects both versions
  • [Fixed] (All versions) Due to a change of data availability from EMSC the EMSC import failed on the 19th May 2014. The program has been amended to use the new web request services and the problem is resolved.
  • [Fixed] (All versions) There have been intermittent problems with the GeoNet data import where events were being duplicated in the system. Unable to find the resolution to this I have switched the GeoNet data collection from JSON to CSV and it appears at least so far that the problem is resolved.
  • [Fixed] (All versions) The LISS helicorder plots in the Webicorder viewer have not been available for some time. This is now fixed as USGS have re-instated the page. There is a patch to recreate the table with the new image addresses.
  • [Enhancement] (All versions except Lite) The facility has been added to the Data Centre to refill any of the available data table that have locations with new location data based upon the building FE/GL styles.
  • [Enhancement] (All versions) Build 65 patches a new menu item to the Quake Webs menu – Weekly Geophysical Data. This creates a search of the QVSData site for Weekly Geophysical reports and presents them in descending order. Requires an internet connection. As with ALL menus except a few core ones, this menu item can be removed or amended as you wish.
11 Mar 2014
Affects both versions
  • [Upgrade] (All versions) Internal upgrade of some .NET 2.0 components to .NET 4.0
  • [Fixed] (All versions) Internal ‘shadows’ anomaly that may cause problem fixed
  • [Fixed] (All versions) Incorrect tag number on the Provider Days setting. The Config DB Standard and Config DB Pro maitenance modules have been replaced by a single module making code maintenance much easier.
  • [Fixed] (All versions) Sesimic geoarea 690 (69001) and upwards in the GL sub names version was one step out thus East South Sandwich Islands was returning North of Honduras.
07 Dec 2013
Affects both versions
  • [Enhancement] (All versions) You can now set a date/time format for the CSV output listings. The default is that this is turned off and the full Zulu format is used (yyyy-MM-ddddTHH:mm:ss.fffZ). When it is turned on various European and Asian formats are available. American formats are not supported at this time.
01 Dec 2013
Affects both versions
  • [Enhancement] (Pro versions) The forced extension CSV has been added to the NIED/JMA converter if omitted. A right click context menu has been added to the text area allowing Clear & Paste, Paste at cursor and Clear operations. An option to launch the file with ‘Excel’ has been included. Obviously you need to have MS Excel, or Open Office or similar installed on your system that is the default handler for CSV files.
  • [Issued] (Standard version) The change to Version 3 build 64 was not issued on the 23rd, 25th or 28th Nov, but is issued in this release.
28 Nov 2013
Affects both versions
  • [Fixed] (All versions) Some anomalies in the return from the FEGL module were corrected.
  • [Structure Change] (All versions) The saved parameters for Time series plots, webicorder viewer settings and various other areas where user selections are saved, has been moved into the configuration database so they can more easily move with the version in use.
  • [Enhancement] (Pro versions) Added NIED/JMA Unified Hypocenter Catalog Data converter.
25 Nov 2013
Affects both versions
  • [Enhancement] (All versions) An open folder button has been added to the Log file selector making it easier to access the files for zipping and sending if need be.
24 Nov 2013
Affects both versions
  • [Fixed] (All versions) A code reversion caused the complete loss of the New Zealand data collection.
23 Nov 2013
Affects both versions
  • [Enhancement] (Pro versions) FE Regions reverse lookup code completed enabling regional listings and stress calculations.
  • [Enhancement] (All versions) FE Region names lookup added as a context menu item.
  • [Enhancement] (All versions) IRIS Earthquake Browser URL Builder added.
  • [Enhancement] (All versions) Right menu launch IEB URL Builder using event epicentre co-ordinates.
  • [Enhancement] (All versions) List of area shapes enhanced for all new installations.
  • [Enhancement] (All versions) A new editor for Area Shapes has been provided in the Data Centre. The existing in form facilities which are limited to addition and editing of a shape remain but the new maintenance form allows deletion and the setting of parameters specific to the URL Builder just added
  • [Enhancement] (All versions) Facilities to access CERI, BGS, Canary Islands and Greek (BBNet) seismograms have been added to the Webicorder viewer.
  • [Enhancement] (Pro only) A small tool to format ATS images as hyperlinks has been added. This is OFF by default and has to be turned ON in the program settings, general items, section. (Issued to testers as
  • [Fixed] (Pro only) Anomaly with time series plots that would not work with the Display Only option set. (Issued to testers as
  • [Fixed] (Pro only) RC version of the Earthquake Data Assembker issued. (Issued to testers as and .4)
  • [Fixed] (All versions) The nearest seismo search did not return data when the search hit the +/- 180 degree line without finding anything. I have implemented a Great Circle search and the routine will now return up to 10 stations found within a 2000 kilometre radius of the epicentre. These values are fixed at present. (Issued to testers as
  • [Fixed] Saving of area shapes which was fraught with problems!
  • [Fixed] Various minor spelling errors and internal enhancements.
  • Versions to were only issued to testers
12 Sep 2013
Affects both versions
  • [Config Change] Moved the real time network and station data to the configuration database. The patches must be run to complete the operation.
  • [Fixed] (All versions) HTML Forum posting code was broken. Fixed in this release
  • [Enhancement] (All versions) Changed the time series plots to use either the built in station data, or manual input.
  • [Enhancement] (All versions) Added a save menu to the preview form so the image can be saved even if save was not one of the selected options.
  • [Enhancement] (Pro versions) Added a link to the time series plot on the context menu in the display screens.
  • [Enhancement] (All versions) Added the long missing web launcher to the seismogram viewer. You can nor show the seismogram in your browser to make tweaks and changes etc.
  • [Enhancement] (Pro versions) The merge of Pro, ProPlus and parts of SuperPro has started and will be rolled out over the next few releases.
    • Post to blog (Temporary) and Post draft to blog (Temporary) have been moved from SuperPro. Currently they are WordPress format but a floating configurable format will be introduced.
14 Aug 2013
Affects both versions
  • [Enhancement] (All versions) Introduced the IRIS Time Series plots available from the View menu.
01 Aug 2013
Affects both versions
  • [Change] (All versions) All versions now use the stand alone Service Installer and the Data Centre installer is no longer available.
  • [Change] (All versions) All versions are now using the same code base including Super Pro
  • [Fixed] (Pro versions only) Due to a naming problem the data export lists in the Pro versions had ceased working. Now fixed.
  • [Fixed] (All versions) The custom dates function in version 2+ code was ignoring the end date and defaulting to ‘today’.
  • [Enhancement] (Pro versions) The custom dates form now allows you to set the initial minimum magnitude for the listing. This can be changed subsequently on the pop out screen as normal.
  • [General] (All versions) Various visually insignificant improvements to coding.
19 May 2013
Affects both versions
  • [Change] Because of potential problems with installing services on Windows Vista, 7 and 8 with the requirement to be logged in as an administrator I decoded to remove the Service Installation module into a stand-alone program. This means it can be launched with ‘run as’. Those using XP will have the advantage of both the old and the new systems for the time being as the code has not been removed from the program.
  • [Change] For Vista, 7 and 8 for the reasons as above, the ability to set the Alerts program to auto start is removed as it requires Administrator access. For Windows 7 this Microsoft article describes how to set a startup item. For Windows 8 you may find this article on setting start up programs useful.
  • [Note] was a testing version only and identical to
14 May 2013
Affects All versions but intended for Standard
  • [Added] Patch 005. The patch ensures that the USGS Data Job US07M1 is initialised and unsuspended and is set as the Master Job. The remaining US jobs (US07M2, US07M4, US30M2 and US30M4) are all suspended, flagged as initialised and as NOT the Master Job. This patch is generally only required after the conversion of an older system.
  • [Fixed] The location field in the selector tabs when using plots failed to initialise due to a hangover from the change to the new US JSON files. Please note that because of the change in descriptions by USGS the locations drop-down is no longer a useful selection when plotting USGS data. It is still relevant for other data providers.
11 May 2013
Affects All versions
  • [Fixed] The development software that creates the Stations and Channels list was faulty. This was fixed. The routine that loads the data was simplified.
10 May 2013
Affects Standard versions only
  • [Fixed] No messages were issued when running the missing jobs routine. Proper message has been added.
  • Only issued to Standard Beta at present.
09 May 2013
Affects Pro versions only
  • [Fixed] Formatting of the New Zealand Felt Reports output.
  • Only issued to ProPlus Beta at present.
08 May 2013
Affects Pro versions only
  • [Fixed] BGS Had other issues in addition to that fixed below.
  • Only issued to ProPlus Beta at present.
08 May 2013
Affects Pro versions only
  • [Fixed] BGS changed their data using a 4 digit year where they were using a 2 digit year.
  • [Enhancement] A stand alone New Zealand Felt Reports reader has been added at the request of Seabreeze (NZ blog). This utilises the GeoNet data to collect reports in addition to manual entry.
  • Only issued to ProPlus Beta at present.
  • [Enhancement] All versions. Added a tsunami flag where encountered when using USGS GeoJSON. e.g. Felt and Tsunami warning might be: Off The East Coast Of Honshu {F}{T}
  • [Enhancement] All versions. Enabled the selection of alternate ‘places’ for USGS GeoJSON files and some of them for GeoNet.
    • As Is: Adds the location as found.
    • Add SR: Adds the seismic region number to the end, e.g. Mt Erebus (50)
    • FE Only: Uses only the FE sub area name, e.g. Vanuatu Islands
    • FE SR: Uses only the FE sub area name prefixed with the seismic subarea number e.g. 184 – Santa Cruz Islands
    • GL SR: Uses only the GL sub area name prefixed with the seismic subarea number e.g. 68901 – West Chatham Rise
    • GL Only: Uses only the GL sub area name, e.g. West Chatham Rise ++ This is the GeoNet default ++
    • FULLFE: Uses the location as is plus the GL sub area name suffixed with the seismic region and subarea number e.g Nr Some Town (14/184-Santa Cruz Islands)
    • FULLGL: Uses the location as is plus the GL sub area name suffixed with the seismic region and subarea number e.g Nr Some Town (43/68901-Santa Cruz Islands)
  • Other minor fixes attended to:
    • The double click on the FE/GL region finder labels was not filling the clipboard.
    • Large image timer reset failed to change the screen info in the Image Viewer
    • Various unseen internal improvements
18 Apr 2013
Affects both versions
  • [Fixed] Pro versions. Anomalous behaviour of F5 key when no data screen displayed has been fixed. Acted like F7 (Exit)
  • [Fixed] All versions. Install not setting the correct flag on the USGS datajob.
  • Only issued to Standard Beta at present.
17 Apr 2013 (BETA)
Affects both versions but Pro not issued yet.
  • Changed system in use to a later version of the .Net Framework (4.0) and upgraded the Compact server files to SQL Compact 3.5 from 3.1. Some components still use the 2.0 .Net framework.
  • *Pro versions are still running on the old system ( for about another month.
  • [Fixed] All versions*. Deletion of a seismogram plot failed – crashed the system!
  • [Fixed] All versions*. Using the button to view a seismogram failed (same reason as above but did not crash.)
  • [Enhancement] All versions*. Added a query before removing a plot from the seismogram favourites.
  • [Enhancement] All versions*. Added region and area numbers option to FEGL lookup form
  • [Enhancement] All versions*. Pointed the link in Webicorder viewer for IRIS plots to the actual entry in BUD Explorer instead of the generic IRIS QuackQuery page. This is considerably less painfull than having to navigate through all the options as before. 🙂
08 Apr 2013
Affects both versions BUT is NOT released for the standard version yet due to the pending platform upgrade.
  • [Fixed] Pro versions. 30 day check for USGS stopped working becuase the file format was changed on the web site.
  • [Fixed] All versions. The cancel button not working in data job maintenance
  • [Enhancement] All versions. An additional New Zealand import (2 actually) has been implemented using the beta XML query. NEWZX is the XML version which return all magnitudes. NEWZXM returns all quake greater than or equal to a specified magnitude/ For example if you ony want to see magnitude 2 or greater then you would use this version. Only one can be active at any one time.
  • [Enhancement] All versions. The preferred USGS processing has been switched to GeoJSON files. This gives the possibility of 7 days M1+, 7 days M2.5+, 7 days M4.5+, 30 days M2.5+ or 30 days M4.5+. The original 7 day text file and it’s dual XML magnitude type import is retained but it is NOT recommended that it be used unless there is an interuption in the GeoJSON file production.
  • [Enhancement] All versions now implement Find A Seismo with a link to the IRIS seismogram display
  • [Fixed] Pro versions only. Chilean dated data collection has been amended to reflect the changes on the Chilean site.
18 Feb 2013
Affects both versions
  • [Fixed] All versions. A logic error in the mechanism that notifies ‘no earthquakes’ set an error flag that prevented the program from making an import.
23 Jan 2013
Affects both versions
  • [Fixed] All versions. The Australian data came through today with a time having 5 decimal places. This was completely unexpected and caused the import of Australian data to fail. I have fixed to program to take account of this.
14 Jan 2013
Affects both versions
  • [Amended] All versions. Removed the mechanism that prevented imports from operating after a failure to find existing data. See here for details.
  • [Fixed] All versions. A change in the Australian data caused the import to fail. The import routine has been re-written.
14 Dec 2012
Affects both versions
  • [Fixed] Pro versions. The Potsdam web format had a slight change which stopped the screen scape from working.
  • [Enhancement] All versions. Plots will now accept multiple search terms i.e cali|wash|oreg for California, Washington and Oregon. Use the pipe symbol | to separate words
  • [Enhancement] Pro versions. Added GFZ Potsdam to the ‘Get Providers Details’ menu item.
  • [Enhancement] Pro versions. Where an event is provided by USGS you can right-click on the line and select Phase Data to see the details of the phases and other information, provided an EQMessage XML datafile is available either on the USGS site, or one you have downloaded onto your hard drive. This will eventually be changed to read a QuakeML file when USGS change over.
  • [Enhancement] Pro versions. You can now right-click on an earthquake and load the Webicorder screen with the closest seismo to the event pre-loaded. Subject to the limitations of seismogram availability of course.
05 Nov 2012
Affects both versions
  • [Fixed] Pro only. The map maker pop-up screen was not sizeable and on smaller screens was not visible making it impossible to answer the question. The screen is now sizeable and can be made full size by double-clicking the top bar.
  • [Fixed] Pro only. ANSS and Centennial data could not be accessed.
  • [Fixed] Pro only. A similar situation to that below occurred when editing or adding a new earthquake. Standard not affected as it uses a different form.
  • [Fixed] Some typing actions in the display screens, such as typing W or 7 etc, when entering changes to filtering criteria activated a new display screen because the keystroke was not intercepted.
07 Oct 2012
Affects both versions
  • [Enhancement] Added the look up for FE/GL names for which there was a menu item on the Tools menu, but which was non functional.
  • [Fixed] An error in the program caused the lookup of the Chatham Islands West area (68902) to fail when using GL regions. Whilst this is unlikely to cause any problems it needed to be fixed.
06 Oct 2012
Affects both versions
  • [Enhancement] Cosmetic change to some of the GL area 1601 names to more accurately reflect the Eastern boundaries. Affects all versions.
30 Sep 2012
Affects both versions
  • [Maintenance] Mainly a maintenance. All forms changed to DPI form resizing and using auto-scroll.
  • [Enhancement] Added scroll control buttons to the de-duplication resolver form to make it easier to go from one side to the other to check ID numbers etc.
29 Sep 2012
Affects both versions
  • [Maintenance] Maintenance release only. No program feature changes. Testing Vista DPI form resizing.
28 Sep 2012
Affects both versions
  • [Fix & Enhancement] QVS web helis was still pointing to the old USGS site. Upgraded to the new web address and now uses the internal LISS list so no files to be downloaded. I have also improved the create process by accessing any existing file and reading the contents to save having to remember which ones were ticked!
28 Sep 2012
Affects both versions
  • [Fixed] Error in JMA import (Pro only) that caused the earliest and latest dates to be identical and thus all records treated as new. Show-stopper so new version issued.
  • [Enhancement] Added an alternative style of Forum post that does not use [headline] and other ATS specific implementations of BB Code.
  • [Enhancement] Change to the way the forum format and other blog texts work. Because this developed from my own requirement all the images were downloaded which meant a long wait and increased disk space utilisation. This has been changed and the basic forum and blog texts only download the initial html page and the cities list include html page. No images are downloaded at this point.
19 Sep 2012
Affects Pro only
  • NR Canada have released a JSON version of their data with event ID numbers. This amendment changes the system to use the JSON file in place of the HTML.
18 Sep 2012
Affects Pro only
  • Minor amendment to felt flag and status with relation to reviewed records.
18 Sep 2012
  • Minor amendment to felt flag and status with relation to reviewed records.
17 Sep 2012
  • [Fixed] A blunder in the program discovered today (by me) appears to prevent the EMSC data from being downloaded. I have confirmed this is the case.
    This is a critcal error and a release has been made.
    This affected all versions.
  • [Implemented] Two new variables have been added. {FEGLREGION} and {MAGxTNT}. Both of these are ‘pseudo fields’ which means they do not physically exist in the incoming data but can be added to the pop-up tab description. {FEGLREGION} calculates the geographic sub region using GL sub regions, based on the {LAT} and {LON} value. {MAGxTNT} for each of the M1 to M5 instances will calculate the TNT equivalent from the {MAGx} magnitude value, thus if {MAG1} is specified {MAG1TNT} will convert the magnitude value to tons of TNT. These are all approximate calculations.
  • [Implemented] Map Maker magnitude selection was between 0 and 10 in single number increments. This has now been changed and the range for the Minimum magnitude is -0.5 to 9.8 and for the Maximum magnitude is from 0.1 to 9.9 and both are in 0.1 Magnitude increments.
  • [Implemented] Additional information on the state of a Map Maker scheme is now stored allowing a more complete retrieval
  • [Fixed] On a more thorough examination of the mapping module several items were found to be buggy or fall short of the intended purpose. No point in detailing everything.
12 Sep 2012
  • [Fixed] Another coding error left two locations in the config file pointing at the wrong place making it impossible to save the Public and Private parts of the icon web addresses in Map Maker (Pro only)
  • [Fixed] A coding error caused FE geographic area 155 Antarctic Peninsula to return *error* when accessed as a Gabittas-Loring area. This only affected GL areas.
    All versions were affected.
09 Sep 2012
Relates to Pro versions only.
  • [Fixed] A problem was detected by a tester with the implementation of revision records for some providers. This was a show stopper as the roll-back functions prevent any data from being written on a single error.
    Urgent so a beta release of Pro has been made.
  • The remove data job function has now been implemented in Pro. The .qvsdf files needed for restoration of a data job are now included in the manifest. (Pro only)
  • Where a data job file is updating an existing job, and the existing job is initialised, the current state of suspension is read and overrides the value in the file. (Pro only)
  • [Fixed] No error message displayed when adding a data job and it fails (Pro only)
From then up to 07 Sep 2012 version
  • There have been so many changes it is not possible to note them all here, and probably really not of much interest anyway. The most significant changes are that Australia (GeoScience) has been added to the list of providers for both Standard and Pro versions, and all versions now display Felt flags and Status flags where such are provided by the source.
  • Due to issues with admin rights in Vista and the creation of event logs I have removed the Windows event logging functions and replaced them with writes to a ‘log’ file under the program folder. There is a log file for each program, i.e. QVS Data, QVS Data Centre and the two QVS Services for each day and these are retained for 7 days after which time they are automatically removed. A file is only created if needed, which will always be the case for the services.
  • I have added 2 menu items on the main Display context menu
    • (1) Show location in Google Maps. Because Google Earth can be slow loading, or if you have the massive places file that I have extremely slow loading, I have added Google Maps because it is so much faster. The Google Earth menu items are still available to you but are turned off by default. They can be turned on in configuration.
    • (2) Copy maps location to clipboard. Does what it says on the tin.
  • Failure to set the multi-filter switch when editing phrases is fixed.
  • (Pro only) Added a switch to display charts in TNT equivalents and another to display an attribution notice below the title.
  • The remove image job function in Image Maintenance has been implemented.
26 Oct 2011
  • I have checked out each of the three entry modes for Image jobs and they are all now functional.
  • A bug causing the Image Maintenance screen to crash has been fixed.
  • The remove item on the Image maintenance screen is non-functional. This will be addressed in version G.
  • Added the ‘no data jobs’ query from the Data Import to the Service installer button so that on new systems the base data jobs can get installed easily.
  • Added a notice to the service controller form advising that on some Windows operating systems (Vista, W7 and W8?) you need to be running as an Administrator to install start or stop services.
20 Oct 2011
  • Finally manage to resolve the tick marks problem on cumulative plots. I really should have looked at that earlier!
  • The plots (chart) section had been improved in both versions. The spacing of days is now forced where it was handled by the graphing program, and the dates have been added to the legend on the X axis. In the Pro version daily and cumulative energy charts have been added.
  • A strange quirk in .NET has resulted in the Information button on the Webicorder Viewer crashing the program. I have created a workaround.
  • A harmless but annoying error that does not stop the program but results in an error message on closing has been located and fixed.(Only a problem in Standard)
12 Oct 2011
  • Fix for USGS error of text where there should be a number.
  • Added ‘Launch Alerts module’ to the services menu in the Data Centre. This will not launch if the service has not been installed so you need to do that first.
10 Oct 2011
  • Crashing help disabled.
  • Help that is available re-pointed to the web.
10 Oct 2011
  • Garbled text on service status fixed.
  • Donate button fixed. 🙂
10 Oct 2011
Beta test version (standard only) issued. Note revisions to Beta will retain the same version number.