Maintaining Data Jobs

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Data job maintenance is performed on the Services menu, even though you may not be actually using the service as such. (Even if you update manually the same program is used for both.)

Data Job Maint - Std

The 'Standard' Data Job Maintenance screen (Click for larger image)

The screens actually do not change much between the ‘Standard’ version and the ‘Pro’ version, the main difference being that you cannot add a job in Standard and the number of additional job ticks cannot be changed, mainly because the settings in Standard for these three jobs are exactly the same in the Pro version.

It may look a little daunting, but to be honest you generally will not be changing anything here other than suspending or re-enabling a job.

All the other parameters are very likely to cause a failure if you change them so the best advice we can give is DON’T!

A data job, as with an image job CAN be a very complex affair. USGS is reasonably straightforward, but needs the XML data file to be downloaded in order to get the magnitude types as the 7 day text file does not provide those. These then have to be matched to the entries. EMSC jobs have to use the KML file version to get the provider information (web address) which is basically the ID of the earthquake. New Zealand needs to send a web request for a QuakeXML file and then has to check locations as place names are not provided, and Chile (Pro only) in order to get 7 days of data has to to 7 individual screen scrapes by pulling the frames from the web site. Iceland (Pro only) – don’t go there! (Well do actually as it is a beautiful place) The earthquake listing is one long string located on the web page which has to be decoded and then translated as Icelandic names cause all sorts of problems for US/UK based databases. The alternative is to use a NZ style listing but that is not up to date and needs place names. I won’t even start on Japan (Pro only) as the explanation is long and convoluted.

I provide (for the Pro version only) .qvsdf files for each of the additional jobs that you can run and these can be loaded in this maintenance section.

Click Add…
Add data job

Select the file you wish to install:
Select Data Job File

The data will be added and you will see a message like this:
Job Installation message

(Note: Wording is incorrect on the above screen. This should read – You must close and re-open this form to see the job in the list. The job will not be downloaded by the data service until the suspension has been lifted. This can be done in this form or the Service Control form)

I guess what I am saying is that there really is little or no maintenance you can do your self. The Pro version allows you to add jobs such as Japan (functional now), Chile, Iceland, Iran, Canada and Greece (under investigation). The free version you are stuck with USGS, EMSC and GeoNet. (That might get Australia added later)

The screen is provided so you can make a quick fix if something changes before I get a new version out and that is about it.

Update: Go here to see how to change a provider’s web address for data files.

But hey, you don’t need to worry about it because I do all that stuff and you just use the program.

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