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This is the hierarchy of web pages in the QVSData Help System. Some of these pages do NOT appear on the menu system and can only be accessed either from this page or from the program itself.

In addition to the Help pages there is the Revisions page and the Comparison of QVSData Standard and QVSData Pro.

Items marked thus Launch The Alerts module do not have a separate page and are included in the page on which they are found.

Getting started with the QVS Data program

  1. The main QVSData Program

    1. The View Menu
      1. Quake Event Lists Standard and Pro
        1. Open Quake Data 7 days, 1 Month, 365 days, Custom, xx Days ago
        2. RED – Rapid Earthquake Display
      2. Charts (Graphs)
      3. IRIS Time Series Plots
      4. Webcam Snagger
      5. Webicorder Files
      6. Log files
    2. The Web Menus
    3. The Data Menu
      1. Import Earthquake Data
      2. [pro only] Review Duplicates
      3. Export Data…
        1. CSV File Output
        2. Forum Style Lists and Posts
        3. HTML and Unordered List output
      4. Check USGS 30 day file (Wizard)
        1. Downloading data from the USGS page
    4. The Tools Menu
      1. Audio
        1. Load Seismo Data
        2. Locate Event In A file
        3. Play A Recording
      2. IRIS Earthquake Browser URL Builder
      3. [Pro Only]The Google Maps and Google Earth File Maker
        1. Map Maker Analysis
        2. Mapping Icons Set-up
      4. Image Viewer
      5. Magnitude Difference Calculator
      6. Place Name From Lat/Lon
      7. FE Region Name Finder
      8. Launch Data Centre
      9. The Additional Tools menu
      10. Create/Maintain Special Interest Area
      11. Set Up Helicorder Page (Out of service until LISS is restored)

  2. The Data Centre

    1. Database Maintenance menu
      1. Backup Compact Database
      2. Restore Compact Database
      3. Compact The Database
      4. Repair The Database
      5. Create New Compact Database
    2. Data menu
      1. Data De-duplication Tools…
        1. De-Duplicate Main Data
        2. De-duplicatin Resolver
      2. Main Data Viewer (Raw)…
        1. Viewers for each data set
        2. View Revised Data (Raw)
        3. View Deleted Data (Raw)
      3. Real Time Networks…
        1. Refill The Stations Data
        2. Refresh The Stations Data
      4. Data Downloads…
        1. Import Single Data File (Pro)
        2. ANSS Data Import (Pro)
        3. Refill The Centennial Data Table (Pro)
        4. NOA (Greek) Data Check/Upload (Pro)
        5. EMSC KML File (Due for removal) (Pro)
        6. Get New Zealand Quake ML File (Pro)
        7. Get Chilean Data as CSV (Pro)
        8. Get Icelandic List File (CSV Format) (Pro)
        9. Get Taiwan Data (Pro)
        10. Convert NIED Data (Pro)
      5. Refill Locations Data
      6. Refill Geo Areas Data (Pro)
    3. Settings menu
      1. ProgramSettings
      2. Menu Maintenance
      3. Edit Area Shapes
      4. Run Config Patch
      5. Create / Recreate Config Database
    4. QVS Services menu
      All services items are being transferred to the Services Installer.
      1. Maintain Image Jobs
      2. Maintain Data Jobs
      3. Launch The Alerts module
      4. Service Status
      5. Additional information
    5. Tools menu
      1. QVS Program Stats
      2. De-Duplicate Former Values
      3. Run Upgrade From Standard (Pro)

Other Associated Programs

  1. The QVSData Alerts Tool
  2. The NZ Felt Reports Reader
  3. The Service Installer

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