Getting started with the QVS Data program

I am going to make the assumption that you will know how to download and install a program so I won’t go into great detail.

The most important thing you should know is that this program uses the .NET framework 4.0 therefore this must be installed on your computer. On a Windows 8 or 10 machine this is unlikely to be an issue. I have changed the installer recently and it now does NOT use the Microsoft .msi files. The downside of this is that you have to know if you have .Net Framework 4.0/4.5 installed. (If you have Vista or upwards you probably will have.)

You can see what has changed in the latest release here. I am also adding things to this list that have come to my attention and have been fixed, but not issued yet, so if you have a fault to report look here first to see if the issue is covered.

The current release version is All versions, Lite (when available) and Pro will be that version. QVSData uses the same version number for all versions. Makes it easier to track things.

The download files for

Here is the download link for the Pro version of QVSData (setup exe file) – The free Version. Actually ALL versions are free now and Standard does not exist any longer.

If you cannot download exe files this link is to the zipped version of setup.exe

The previous versions can still be downloaded: Pro (setup exe file) Pro zipped version of setup.exe

If you encounter any problems please use the Support page – or any comment box really – to report the problem.

Importand: You must normally run the configuration patches before using the program after upgrading, if the program does not force you to do so. This does not apply to new installs although it will probably run anyway.

This is not required for this latest release so if it does not run don’t be concerned.

Before installing an upgrade or un-installing the program you should use the separate services controller which MUST be run in administrator mode in Windows versions > XP to stop the services if you have them running.

The program uses a compact SQL database (now version 4.0). You don’t really need to know anything about this as such – it should all just happen once the initial setup is done. There is a version that runs on SQL Server but this is only available by request. (It is also free)

Launch the QVS Data program and this will detect that your configuration file is missing and will create the configuration file and the new QVS Data database file. Just follow the instructions (simple yes / no answers) on screen. When done the programs will close.

First dialogue – Click Yes

Second dialogue – Click OK

Third dialogue – this says you must exit but do nothing except click OK

Fourth dialogue – don’t change anything. Just click create database. (SOME OF THESE OPTIONS HAVE BEEN REMOVED IN THE NEW VERSION)

Fifth dialogue – Click OK

It will appear to freeze for 30 seconds or so and then you should see this.

Now the program will close when you click OK on that one.

When you open the QVS Data program again it will detect the configuration file. Click on the data menu and Import Data.


The jobs should all be turned on and able to run.

Note the tool-tip text saying that the job should only be run if the service is not running? Obviously the service is not running yet, but if it was you would see this.