Geophysical Report Statistics notes

There are 5 sections:

  • The count of the number of quakes in the past 365/6 days for each mag band.
  • The approximate average TeraJoules per quake for each mag band.
  • The equivalent of this energy as a magnitude (not the same as averaging the magnitudes)
  • The number of days on average between events, except Mag 5 band where it is the number of events in a day on average.
  • The number of days since the last even (M6/7/8+ only)

Mag 8 and 9 if present are added in the same band.

Any of these figures may change slightly as magnitudes are re-jigged by USGS. As the quakes drop off the front (older than 365 days) the averages will change according to the new rolling year value. Once there are a few weekly values I shall plot the values so we can see how the rolling year values are trending. This will become a useful figure after about 6 months have gone by.