DA Software

Being a programmer by trade I naturally have a website with some programs on it!

They are nothing special, with the possible exception of my QVS Data program which has been my Magnum Opus of the software that I write for pleasure. (Sad but true, my relaxation time away from programming is spent programming!)

It would be fair to say that pretty much all the programs that I write that are not for ‘work’ are born out of innate laziness on my part. I prefer to automate all sorts of downloads and will spend months – even years – writing a program to save the time taken to download the file. OK that is a supreme generalisation but suffice it to say that programmers can be very strange and illogical in their logical worlds. Believe me I have met a few.

Unfortunately in some respects my programming environment has always been Windows so whilst I cut my teeth on DOS I never made the transition over to Linux for personal use, despite having set up from scratch and administered an 11 site WAN across 3 three countries all with Linux servers. I never made it into Java either so all my programs are pure Windows based. I apologise to readers who have Linux and I hope that some time in the future I can produce programs that will run on Linux, or at least WINE.

The software I offer (free of charge):

  • QVS Data

    • More details of this later as the next major release and changeover from QuakeData is about to happen.
    • You can still read the old program information here for a while, but please bear in mind there is a MAJOR upgrade.
    • If you would like to be notified of the availability of the help file and/or program leave your name here

  • Image Grabber

    • To be released 01 February 2011 this little utility can assist in downloading images from the web at regular intervals.
    • It can also be run manually so you can set up a capture and then do not even have to go to the web site to download the image you want.
    • Use this for seismo plots etc that you wish to down load – or even snaps from static web cams.
    • Download a copy of the help file here (PDF)

  • Image Viewer

    • Details shortly as it is having a check-over.

  • Palette Converter

    • A somewhat ‘niche’ program for converting ColorPic 4.01 palettes to Paint Shop Pro XI colour swatches.

  • Wikileaks Cablebase Software

  • Garden.ie Picture Tool

    • This picture tool is specifically aimed at users of the Garden.ie web site. It creates journal thumbnails and album pictures at the correct sizes for the fastest upload and display on the site.
    • Download the zip file directly