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Note: This topic is for the Pro version of the program only.

Depending on your data requirements Chilean data can either be implemented using the automatic data jobs, or the manual version of this, or by using the occasional data capture screen (below).

(screen graphic to go here)

First you should select the source and range for the data.

Option 1 Import a previously downloaded CSV file. When this option is selected the dated elements will not be available and the import to database will be automatically selected.
Option 2 Import data from the Chilean web site using the dates you select.
a Check the data into the database and discard the temporary file.
b Check the data into the database and retain the temporary file.
c Do not check the data into the database but retain the temporary file.
Option 3 Import data from the Chilean web site for the past number of days you select, and check this data into the database. The downloaded temporary data will be removed when completed.

When you use option 1 above, all other dates and settings are ignored and the data is imported to the database. The file is retained after the import. This file must be in the correct format as found on the Chilean web site. The required format is as follows:


Option 2 collects the data from the Chilean web site. What it does with it is determined by the selections. These selections are only available for option 2. The data file produced using 2c can later be used as the source for option 1.

Option 3 is pretty much the same as option 2 but you select the number of days instead of the dates and the data is automatically checked into the database.

Where the data is to be saved it will be stored in \DA Software\QVSData Version\QVS Data Folder\Data Files\CSV under the appropriate Application Data folder for your operating system.

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