Admin Notes

In one of two areas of the system, mainly in the parameters, events such as a missing parameter value are recorded in a text file which is kept in the program data area for the application.

Typically, for the Pro version for example on a Windows 7 or greater computer, this will be C:\ProgramData\DA Software\QVSData Pro\admin-notes.txt

This file can be read using any text reader such as NotePad, TextPad or Scite but do NOT access it using ANY form of word processing package or the application will not be able to write to it any longer.

An entry might take the format: Missing Parameter: helpLocal|Default value: False

If you determine that this is something you can fix then OK but otherwise, especially for parameters, try running the configuration patches. Failing that please contact DA Software for advice.

You can access the admin notes from the View Menu if the file exists. This will launch the file in your default text reader. If the file does not exist the menu item will not be visible.

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