About the Seismographs and Helicorder pages

Each region contains links (underlined) for seismograms / helicorders that are relevant to that region. If the item is not underlined there is no information for that area yet. Use the navigation links below to go directly to a region, or you can also use the navigation on the right hand side. All links open in this page.

Regions, and countries within the regions, are as approximately as defined by the United Nations Country Grouping. The site is continually being update so why not bookmark the page so you can return to it easily.

Links from the pages may take you to Quake Watch as I am in the process of switching the earthquake related content over to there. Basically however you can consider QVS Data, Quake Watch, Volcano Watch, Solar Watch and shortly Climate Watch to be all parts of one single website.

Nearly all the links on these page open in the same page so if you want to open several you will need to do what ever you need to do to open a link in a new tab or window. (Usually right click)

Where suitable IRIS seismograms are available I will try and provide links for the current day and yesterday, but please bear in mind that these will always relate to midnight UTC and not to your local time thus if you click on a today link at 10pm (22:00hrs) EST of the 9th, the seismogram will be for the 10th so until EST catches up and passes the time that equates to midnight UTC you will need to click on yesterday to get what to you are today’s plots. Did that make sense? I hope so.

As I very slowly move over to a country based system, where everything for the country is on the one page, it is possible you may get directed to a country page – for example for Japan. You will need to use the back button to get back to where you were.

If you have any comments or observations please feel free to make them below. Spammers – these pages are moderated. Don’t waste your time.

Please feel free to leave a reply. (All comments are moderated)

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