Weekly Geophysical: 21 Dec 2012

This is the first of the weekly geophysical reports which will be published on a Saturday for the previous 7 days to the Friday inclusive. For this week the data will be based on USGS publications for earthquakes, but later I hope to add comparisons to EMSC.

Because of the time span I am omitting the lower magnitude earthquakes and only going with Mag 5+.

When I get time I will extend the remaining graphs (volcanoes and hurricanes) backwards so they cover a six month period and then stretch out to form a rolling year as we go forwards.

Earthquakes for w/e 21 Dec 2012

Full details of Mag 6+ earthquakes can be found here

2 Mag 5+ quakes have been upgraded during December, one during this report week which as been added below. The changes will be reflected on the charts in next week’s report.

Date/Time UTC,Latitude,Longitude,Magnitude,Depth(Km),Location
2012-12-21 22:28:09, -14.382, 167.259, 6.8, 207.9, Vanuatu {Map}
2012-12-21 14:43:37, 29.842, 142.215, 5.0, 20.3, Izu Isls. Japan Region {Map}
2012-12-21 08:07:18, 38.601, 141.911, 5.0, 35.3, Nr. E. Coast Of Honshu. Japan {Map}
2012-12-20 21:47:30, 0.546, 126.232, 5.6, 31.2, Molucca Sea {Map}
2012-12-20 19:38:46, -20.773, -174.088, 5.0, 45.1, Tonga {Map}
2012-12-19 16:02:20, -20.472, -174.331, 5.0, 9.9, Tonga {Map}
2012-12-18 18:36:24, 36.678, 142.013, 5.1, 33.5, Off E. Coast Of Honshu. Japan {Map}
2012-12-18 08:12:24, 13.028, -89.991, 5.1, 57.5, Offshore El Salvador {Map}
2012-12-17 22:52:23, 37.765, 143.597, 5.0, 47.3, Off E. Coast Of Honshu. Japan {Map}
2012-12-17 17:46:48, -3.968, -104.037, 5.1, 15.7, Central East Pacific Rise {Map}
2012-12-17 17:41:36, -4.107, -104.416, 5.1, 35.7, Central East Pacific Rise {Map}
2012-12-17 09:16:28, -0.708, 123.837, 6.1, 18.5, Sulawesi. Ind. {Map}
2012-12-17 00:28:55, 49.749, 155.952, 5.6, 38.9, Kuril Isls. {Map}
2012-12-16 15:52:01, 14.190, 146.787, 5.3, 24.4, Rota Region. N. Mariana Isls. {Map}
2012-12-16 10:07:12, 14.752, -91.382, 5.2, 113.5, Guatemala {Map}
↑ 2012-12-15 19:30:03, -4.724, 152.963, 6.1, 55.8, New Britain Region. P.N.G {Map}
2012-12-15 12:43:29, 12.134, -88.700, 5.0, 34.6, Off Coast Of El Salvador {Map}
2012-12-15 07:33:14, -4.924, 153.378, 5.2, 58.2, New Ireland Region. P.N.G {Map}
↑ 2012-12-15 04:49:30, 52.344, 173.964, 6.0, 29.9, Nr. Isls. {Map}
2012-12-15 04:27:02, 37.348, 141.286, 5.2, 57.8, Nr. E. Coast Of Honshu. Japan {Map}

All earthquakes in the above list, and the details below, are sourced from USGS.

Magnitude 6.8 Vanuatu

World GlobeFriday, December 21, 2012 @ 22:28:09 UTC
Location in Google Maps

  • Location: 14.382°S,  167.260°E
  • Depth: 207.9 km
  • Region: Vanuatu

  • Distances:
    • 63km (39mi) SSW of Sola, Vanuatu
    • 127km (78mi) N of Luganville, Vanuatu
    • 387km (240mi) NNW of Port-Vila, Vanuatu
    • 723km (449mi) N of We, New Caledonia
    • 863km (536mi) N of Dumbea, New Caledonia
  • Event ID: usc000eek3

Magnitude 6.1 Sulawesi. Indonesia

World GlobeMonday, December 17, 2012 @ 09:16:28 UTC
Location in Google Maps

  • Location: 0.709°S,  123.837°E
  • Depth: 18.5 km
  • Region: Sulawesi. Indonesia

  • Distances:
    • 119km (73mi) ENE of Luwuk, Indonesia
    • 163km (101mi) SSE of Gorontalo, Indonesia
    • 251km (155mi) SSW of Tomohon, Indonesia
    • 252km (156mi) SSW of Tondano, Indonesia
    • 889km (552mi) NNW of Dili, East Timor
  • Event ID: usc000eb6k

Magnitude 6.0 New Britain region. Papua New Guinea

World GlobeSaturday, December 15, 2012 @ 19:30:03 UTC
Location in Google Maps

  • Location: 4.724°S,  152.964°E
  • Depth: 55.8 km
  • Region: New Britain region. Papua New Guinea

  • Distances:
    • 24km (14mi) S of Taron, PNG
    • 91km (56mi) ESE of Kokopo, Papua New Guinea
    • 326km (202mi) WNW of Arawa, Papua New Guinea
    • 332km (206mi) ENE of Kimbe, Papua New Guinea
    • 831km (516mi) NE of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
  • Event ID: usc000eacu

Magnitude 6.0 Near Islands

World GlobeSaturday, December 15, 2012 @ 04:49:30 UTC
Location in Google Maps

  • Location: 52.332°N,  174.016°E
  • Depth: 26.0 km
  • Region: Near Islands

  • Distances:
    • 44km (27mi) S of Shemya Island, Alaska
    • 1040km (646mi) E of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Russia
    • 1057km (656mi) E of Yelizovo, Russia
    • 1057km (656mi) E of Vilyuchinsk, Russia
    • 3179km (1975mi) W of Whitehorse, Canada
  • Event ID: usc000ea5j

All Magnitudes trend 5+
(Click the Image for a larger/clearer version)

Mag 5.0 to 5.9 magnitudes trend.
(Click the Image for a larger/clearer version)

Mag 6.0 to 6.9 magnitudes trend.
(Click the Image for a larger/clearer version)

Peaks of Inactivity
Shows the days in between Mag 6 band events. Days where a Mag 6 earthquake occurs are zero on the chart.

(Click the Image for a larger/clearer version)

Mag 7.0 to 7.9 magnitudes trend.
(Click the Image for a larger/clearer version)

Mag 8.0+ magnitudes trend
(Click the Image for a larger/clearer version)

Earthquake Statistics
(See explanation here.)
(Click the Image for a larger/clearer version)


Volcano information gathered from various sources, including the Smithsonian Weekly Volcanic Activity Report from which confirmation of reports is taken.

Volcano Chart

(Click the Image for a larger/clearer version)

Volcanoes erupting this week contributing to the chart.

Copahue – see also this site with more pictures.
Lokon (Indonesia)
Nyiragongo (DRCongo)
Reventador (Ecuador)
Shiveluch (Kamchatka)
Tungurahua (Ecuador)

PETROPAVLOVSK-KAMCHATSKY, Russia, Dec. 19 (UPI) — An eruption of a volcano in Russia’s Far Eastern Kamchatka Peninsula is expected to last for at least two more weeks, an expert says.

Gennady Karpov, deputy head of the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology under the Russian Academy of Sciences, said the Plosky Tolbachik volcano is in an ongoing eruption with consistent intensity.

The 10,100-foot volcano, one of several in a volcanic complex 210 miles from the regional capital of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, first erupted on Nov. 27, its first activity in 36 years, RIA Novosti reported.


SVERT reported that a thermal anomaly was detected over Snow, a volcano of Chirpoi, during 11 and 13-15 December.

Australian VAAC
Commonwealth of Australia, Bureau of Meteorology VAAC

Category 1+ storms

Cat 1+ Storms Chart
(Click the Image for a larger/clearer version)

There are no ‘Category’ force storms in the world on the day of the report. ‘Evan’ has subsided and was the only Category force storm current during the report week.

The category force storms contributing to the chart are:

Cyclone-1 ETHEL Cyclone-1 IGGY Cyclone-1 KOJI Cyclone-1 THANE Cyclone-2 BENILDE
Cyclone-2 LUA Cyclone-3 ANAIS Cyclone-3 CLAUDIA Cyclone-4 EVAN Cyclone-4 FUNSO
Cyclone-4 GIOVANNA Cyclone-4 JASMINE      
Hurricane-1 CHRIS Hurricane-1 ERNESTO Hurricane-1 GILMA Hurricane-1 ILEANA Hurricane-1 ISAAC
Hurricane-1 LANE Hurricane-1 LESLIE Hurricane-1 NADINE Hurricane-1 RAFAEL Hurricane-1 Unnamed
Hurricane-2 CARLOTTA Hurricane-2 FABIO Hurricane-2 GORDON Hurricane-2 KIRK Hurricane-2 SANDY
Hurricane-3 BUD Hurricane-3 DANIEL Hurricane-3 MICHAEL Hurricane-3 MIRIAM Hurricane-3 PAUL
Hurricane-4 EMILIA        
Typhoon-1 DAMREY Typhoon-1 HAIKUI Typhoon-1 KAI_TAK Typhoon-1 PAKHAR Typhoon-1 SANVU
Typhoon-2 SAOLA Typhoon-3 MAWAR Typhoon-3 PRAPIROON Typhoon-3 SON_TINH Typhoon-4 VICENTE
Typhoon-4 TEMBIN Super Typhoon-4 BOLAVEN Super Typhoon-4 GUCHOL Super Typhoon-5 BOPHA Super Typhoon-5 JELAWAT
Super Typhoon-5 SANBA        

That concludes the report of the week ending 21 December 2012 UTC.


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