QVSData and QVSData Pro news

The Pro(+) version of the QVSData program was released for Beta testing today. The standard (free) version will be released on Tuesday, in it’s production version, which is a day later than last announced due to a problem with the Australian data collection.

The good news is however that all versions will now carry the Australian data, which will be restricted to quakes in Australian territories. The reason for this restriction is because the world wide data that is collected by GeoScience comes from the same sources that the program collects anyway, so there is little point in repeating these once again.

Currently the free version will collect USGS, EMSC, GeoNet (New Zealand) and GeoScience (Australia). It is nor envisaged that this will be expanded in the future.

The Pro versions currently collect the above 4 sources and in addition GFZ Potsdam, NOA BBNet (Greece), Natural Resources Canada, British Geological Society (UK and Ireland), and Japan Met Agency. With the exception of GFZ Potsdam these are local sources specific to the country.

Countries to be added within the next month or so are Chile, Iceland, Iran and Turkey.

The RED system is operational. This downloads the USGS (only) 1 hour file every minute. This works irrespective of whether the data service is running, but no data is stored from this. There is an alert for earthquakes of Magnitude 6+ (an earthquake sound).

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