QVS Data Program released

The free Standard version of QVS Data was released today as a beta.

It should not be considered a proper release candidate just yet but I am happy for people to try it out and to receive comments both favourable and adverse. If there is something you hate tell me. I won’t promise it will get fixed but you never know. It would also be a good boost for me to know if you like the program. 🙂

To download the program go to this page: Getting started with the QVS Data program

It has come to my attention that the service installer does not display the service state properly and shows only a single letter. I am also aware that the magnitude for the audio alert is fixed at Mag 6.

The service installer problem is fixed in the version available now. The audible alert is fixed and will be uploaded around 0900 UTC tomorrow (10 Oct)

About PuterMan

A retired programmer.
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