Katla – Current situation

I see people are searching for posts about activity at Katla. The current situation is that activity is within normal bounds and there are no signs of an impending imminent eruption. I will be completing my notes about Katla in the Iceland SIA soon.

This is the tremor plot for Godabunga which is on the flanks of the Katla volcano. Harmonic tremor is up a bit, but is steady. Unfortunately the tremor graphs are no longer being updated, and the GPS is way behind in it’s updates. This does not make it easy to see what is going on and we are depending solely on the plot referenced above and the published list of earthquakes for the area.

Edit: Good news. Just found a link to a fairly current GPS plot and there would appear at 29th October 2010 to be no inflation/deflation at Godabunga which is good news.

Edit: Bad news – they removed the link to that page!

Don’t be too concerned about Katla. There are worse possibilities in Iceland that are more imminent it may seem!


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