Explosions off the northern coast of France?

The British Geological Society and the EMSC have picked up two ‘seismic events’ in northern France, just off the coast. One was on the 21st and the other today the 25th October. Both are marked by the BGS as ‘explosions’. See the ATS link below for permanent details of these events from the BGS web site.(Link to the current BGS data in the links at the right)

The BGS has the magnitudes as 2.6 on the 21st at 0 depth, and 2.3 on the 25th. EMSC has these as 3.2 and 3.0 respectively and a 1km depth.

There is possibly a connection to this Daily Telegraph article about World War II bombs found on the 24th for the one today and I am wondering if they were disposed of at sea?

Further discussions of this at ATS for some alternative views!


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One Response to Explosions off the northern coast of France?

  1. grandpadavid says:

    This has now been confirmed by the BGS as controlled explosions of ordinance.

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